'Caring' Easter Bunny Coming to Montgomery Mall

Special needs children can meet the Easter Bunny in a subdued environment during a special event on April 13 at the Montgomery Mall.

The Easter Bunny can be intimidating (creepy) to even the bravest children (or adults). 

But for children with special needs, the Easter Bunny experience at the local mall can be particularly overwhelming.

The Montgomery Mall hopes to change that. On April 13, the mall is hosting the Caring Bunny from 9:30 to 11 a.m. 

That Sunday morning, families with special needs children can meet the bunny and get a photo with him in a comfortable, subdued environment.

It’s not just that the bunny is more "caring," but also the mall will be more inviting to children with special needs.

Mall music will be turned off, as well as the escalators near the photo set. Lights will be dimmed and the fountains will not be on. Families will not wait in lines. Instead, there will be a numbering system.

There will be special activities geared towards special needs children during the waiting period.  

The visit from the Caring Bunny will be held prior to mall opening, so that accommodations can be made to support the sensory, physical and other developmental needs of the families.

Caring Bunny is a joint program developed by The Noerr Programs, the digital imaging company that provides the Bunny Photo Experience for malls nationwide and AbilityPath.org, a national online resource hub and special needs community.

“For children with a variety of special needs, standing in line, bright flashes, crowds and sounds can create major disturbances and distractions. We take great care in making sure our photo setting is conducive to all abilities, to allow these families to participate in a heartwarming tradition that so many take for granted,” said Judy Noerr, CEO of The Noerr Programs. 

Click here to RSVP online to the event or call 215-362-1600.


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