Doylestown Business Spotlight: Huberific Graphic Design

Business owners in Doylestown tell Patch what they're best known for and when they got started.

John Huber, owner/lead designer of Huberific Graphic Design
John Huber, owner/lead designer of Huberific Graphic Design
We're asking business owners in and around Doylestown to tell us about themselves. Today, we're featuring Huberific Graphic Design Studio.

Huberific Graphic Design Studio, LLC
Address: 224 W. Court St., Doylestown
Phone number: 215-378-0433
Website: http://www.huberific.com
Submitted by: John Huber, owner/lead designer

When did your business get started?
Officially as an LLC in 2010, although I've been a in business for myself as a freelance designer for 13 years.

I am traditionally trained artist, who loves to draw. While at college for my undergraduate MFA, I stumbled into the fledging computer lab & was enthralled by the monitor's glow. Separate from my drawing and painting focus, I began to work in that lab, then took courses in computer art and design.

Of course, I had a personal website way back in 1994—not that it was pretty.
The skills learned in those computer courses enabled my first professional employment, as a Photoshop artist. Through the years since, I've continued to learn about graphic design, then web design, and now mobile design.

Why did you choose Doylestown to open your business?  
I was raised in Northeast Philadelphia and settled below the International Airport shortly after college. My experience in Doylestown started when I was dating my now wife. I had to take two Regional Rail lines to visit Bucks County.

After she taught me how to drive, we moved in to Doylestown together. Our apartment was the first place that I had resided where I freely and eagerly spoke to my neighbors. To this day, even though our addresses have changed, some of those first neighbors remain close friends!

For a graduate program, we moved 1,000 miles away to Miami, Florida. Five years ago, after graduation, I wanted desperately to return to Doylestown. During our move into our current residence, we were instantly greeted with a new set of neighbors offering to help unpack the truck and cat-sit. I'd say the town chose me.

What is your business best known for?

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know?
I am also an ordained clergy person, who can perform non-demoninal marriage ceremonies in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So far, I have officiated over nine ceremonies, with one more in 2013 and one scheduled for 2014.

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