Village Park Elementary School May Close

The Pennsbury School District could save $1 million by shuttering Village Park Elementary School in Falls Township.

The Elementary Enrollment and Space Utilization Committee met at Pennsbury High School last Tuesday and decided to have Superintendent Kevin J. McHugh present a formal recommendation to close Village Park Elementary School before the school board at its Jan. 3, 2013 meeting.

Committee meeting minutes show a lengthy discussion about how much money the district could save if it closed either Village Park or Fallsington Elementary School, which is connected to the district administration offices. 

Over the next five years, repairs and upgrades to the 75,000-square-foot Village Park are expected to cost up to $2 million. Similar work would cost about $375,000 at 44,000-square-foot Fallsington.

The committee discussed what would happen to the Village Park school if it were to be closed. Mothballing the Unity Drive school building or renting it out to the Bucks County Schools Intermediate Unit were talked about.

The school is made of two buildings that house "pods" for each grade level. Classrooms are without permanent walls to separate them. Bookcases, shelving units and tack boards are used to buffered the space between each class.

According to meeting minutes, a former Fallsington teacher told the committee that the "open classroom environment" was distracting when she taught a summer class at Village Park.

"When asked for support to close Village Park, 12 committee members voted in favor. Some present did not vote," district documents stated.

The committee began meeting in early Fall to discuss building space utilization and enrollment, which is at 68 percent in the district.

“I’m willing to close an elementary school if it means saving the art program,” the superintendent told the parents at a meeting in late October.

Do you think Village Park Elementary School should be closed? Tell us in the comments.

joe January 07, 2013 at 11:45 PM
yes it is
jenna carie January 08, 2013 at 06:33 PM
i love that school it is a alsome school i think it should stay onpen because all the kids love it there and they have wouderefull techeres and studis. and if it did close what about the techer what are they going to do???? they make alot of mony there and i main alot!!! THEY MAKE MORE MONY THEN I DO! and where are the kids going to do? so i think that fallsintin school should close i heard that people have pod there kids at of that school and broght then to village park because they did not like fallsitin school because the techers were not doing there jobs and that there is bad kids there so dont close village park!!! this is so not right that they might close village park they no right too!!!!!!!!!! i mean come on!!!!!!!!!!!!
jenna carie January 08, 2013 at 06:36 PM
this is from emily carie to joe joe i ager with u but u need more dietal like no one is goin to care about your to house like they should not close village park because the have wouldere foll techere
Tom Sofield January 08, 2013 at 08:59 PM
Here's our update: Pennsbury Committee Recommends Closing Village Park, Redistricting - http://patch.com/A-0P0b
emily cared January 11, 2013 at 12:09 PM
to joe form emily carie why is it when peolpe say that village park is closeing some peole say ya i am so happy? i dont get that i want it to say open i like that school very very and i mean very muth!!!! i mean why is it that village park has to close i mean like who would want to close village park i mean come on! oh and joe u should say more informach all u talke about is your new house if u dont have any good things to say dont say then at all sorry but i am just upset about village park thats it!


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