New Name, Same Mission for CB Cares

Community group’s move to become an education foundation will strengthen its ties with Central Bucks School District

CB Cares is changing its name, but the well-respected community organization’s mission will remain the same.

Founded 16 years ago to encourage youngsters to follow a healthy lifestyle, CB Cares has begun the process of becoming a state-approved educational foundation, which will provide more fundraising opportunities and a stronger partnership with the Central Bucks School District.

The new name - CB Cares Educational Foundation -- will take effect on January 1.

But Executive Director Kimberly Cambra said CB Cares will continues its core mission of promoting positive behaviors and attitudes among youngsters in Central Bucks through the 40 Developmental Assets, a program identified by the Search Institute as key to essential to becoming responsible adults.

“We will continue to implement and provide our signature programs,” said Cambra. “Where there is opportunity for growth is in our capacity to provide grants directly to educators in the community.”

CB Cares Asset building programs include:

  • Boomerang Youth Recognition Award program (recognizes students who model the behavior of one of the 40 Assets);
  • The Backpack Newsflash, a newsletter
  • Y2C (Youth to Community Arts Events);
  • Martin Luther King Day of Service;
  • Prom Partner;
  • Safe Driving Contract for new drivers and their parents.

CB Cares will continue to encourage local businesses to consider making donations through the state’s Education Improvement Tax Credit program. Businesses can receive a tax credit of up to 90 percent by making a donation to CB Cares.

Last year, the EITC raised $90,000 for the organization. CB Cares is the only approved education organization in Central Bucks that is eligible to benefit from the EITC.

CB Cares President Barbara Lyons announced the change at the November 13 meeting of the Central Bucks School Board. The change will expand CB Cares’ mission by helping other organizations, teachers and community groups with projects and programs the involve promoting the 40 Developmental Assets.

CB Superintendent Dr. Rod Green said he welcomes the stronger partnership with CB Cares.

“It’s an exciting step,” said Green. “CB Cares does great work in the community and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

Meanwhile, CB Cares recently began it’s Annual giving Campaign. The “50-Cent Project” asks each family in the school district to contribute 50 cents a month - the cost of a carton of milk - for a total of $6 per year.

The project is being marketed with stills in movie theaters, lawn signs, and other communications tools.

“If everyone participates, we’ll raise $120,000,” said Cambra. “That would be enough to sustain our programs so we can continue to do what we do for the community.”


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