Kids Voting: 'We Get Our Own Say'

Students across Central Bucks went to the polls today with their parents in an exercise in democracy.

Adults weren't the only ones turning out to cast their ballots during Tuesday's presidential election.

Across the Central Bucks School District, students went with their parents to the polls to cast their own votes in the Kids Voting program.

At the polling place at Salem United Church of Christ in Doylestown Borough, three young voters were gearing up for their turn.

Voting is important, they all said.

"If you don't vote, they might just pick someone you're not ok with," said Grace, a 10-year-old who goes to Kutz Elementary.

Alex, a 6-year-old in first grade at Linden Elementary, was excited to head into the voting booth for the first time.

Her big sister, Corrina, spoke for both of them when she explained what motivated her to vote.

"We get our own say," said the 11-year-old, who is in Mrs. Rubeo's sixth grade class at Linden. "It's up to the people, not whoever's next in line."

Kids Voting USA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan program that encourages civic discussion and education. Special "voting booths" are set up at participating polling places, and kids are able to cast their own votes, learning what it's like to participate in their own government.

Wilma Fingerdoo November 07, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Being that Central Bucks was OFF today for Election Day, why was Kids Voting only offered from 3-7pm? I brought my kids to participate this morning but they were unable to do so due to the limited hours.
Nadja O'Dwyer November 07, 2012 at 03:13 AM
Ms. Fingerdoo, Since Kids Voting is run entirely by volunteers, the times that are available for the children to vote is dictated by the program's ability to get volunteers to man the polls. If you would like to see longer voting hours for Kids Voting, might I suggest you look into volunteering during the next election. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, parents do bring their children back later in the day, even if they themselves have already voted. I hope your children will get to participate in a future election.
Donna Soura November 07, 2012 at 04:25 AM
I voted in the morning and brought them back later for Kid Vote. I wondered the same thing until I realized saw the volunteer running it, then it made sense. It was worth coming back. They really liked it.


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