Obama Wins County, Loses Central Bucks

Barack Obama lost many of the voters in Central Bucks who voted for him in 2008.

Barack Obama narrowly won Bucks County on Election Day, but he lost more Central Bucks municipalities than he won.

Obama won a majority in only three of eight Central Bucks municipalities, and in two of those wins, the margin of victory was tissue-paper thin.

Complete results for Doylestown Township, the ninth CB municipality, were not available early Wednesday; results for township precinct #6, where voting extended past 9:15 p.m., still had not been reported as of 1:10 a.m.

Doylestown Borough was the only municipality to show up heavily for the incumbent president, voting 2,781 to 1,896 in his favor over Republican Gov. Mitt Romney.

His only other wins were in Central Bucks' other boroughs, Chalfont and New Britain.

But the edge in Chalfont was a mere 6 votes - 1,071 to 1,065. New Britain's wasn't much wider at 29 - 660 to 631.

In 2008, all three boroughs also chose Obama over Republican John McCain.

In the four years since that election, voters in Central Bucks' townships have moved away from the Democratic president. In three of those townships, that just widened the gap between the Democratic and Republican vote. But in two townships, that movement was enough to tip the scales.

In 2008, Buckingham, Plumstead and Warwick townships chose McCain over Obama. On Tuesday, those townships again chose Romney over Obama, but by an even wider margin.

Warrington and New Britain townships went for Obama in 2008, though by fairly small margins. But on Tuesday, enough voters there decamped in favor of Romney to put those townships in the Republican win column.

Here are the results from 2008 and 2012, with Republican wins in bold.

Barack Obama vs. John McCain, 2008

Buckingham Township 5680 to 6159

Doylestown Borough 3202 to 1837

Doylestown Township 5264 to 5001

New Britain Borough 710 to 604

New Britain Township 3307 to 3146

Chalfont Borough 1135 to 1016

Plumstead 3337 to 3466

Warrington 5997 to 5869

Warwick 3977 to 4068


Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney, 2012

Buckingham Township 5036 to 6815

Doylestown Borough 2781 to 1896

Doylestown Township *incomplete (was 3695 to 4444)

New Britain Borough 660 to 631

New Britain Township 2933 to 3372

Chalfont Borough 1071 to 1065

Plumstead 2950 to 3761

Warrington 5338 to 6327

Warwick 3410 to 4523

Citizen to Citizen November 10, 2012 at 06:44 AM
This article presumes that the Bucks County Danaher voting machines can verify the choices picked by voters. The machines don't do that, and until they do, I don't believe the official totals. Optical scanning of paper ballots is the best way to provide election protection by verifying a voter's choice. There should be a receipt just like ATM machines. Anything else is guess work, or theft. A recent investigation by a former NSA analysis showed that Romney during the primaries was getting exactly 10% more votes across all large precincts, suggesting manipulation of the tallies that did not corollate with natural variations in mid-size and smaller precincts. http://bit.ly/Y5ovtP So, until there is proof of how I cast my vote, I will assume that the real totals in Bucks are a microcosm of the rest of the US and not what the officials offered. The negative slant suggests a GOP effort to save face.
C.B. November 13, 2012 at 02:04 AM
What sort of conspiracy can explain this then? http://www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/20121112_In_59_Philadelphia_voting_wards__Mitt_Romney_got_zero_votes.html


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