Doylestown Settles Lawsuit with BCWSA

The agreement will end drawn-out litigation between the borough and the county authority.

Doylestown has settled a lawsuit with the Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority.

Borough Council voted unanimously Monday night to accept an agreement with the county authority. The decision ends a cycle of litigation between the two entities that had lingered for years.

"This is a decision that they're happy, that we're happy with," council president Det Ansinn said after the vote.

The authority's board already had approved the settlement agreement, borough manager John Davis said. That means that the terms of the agreement can move ahead quickly.

As a result of the settlement, borough residents will receive two separate bills, a water bill from the borough and a sewer bill from the county authority.

The lawsuit, which dates to 2009, hinged on billing disputes between the two entities.

Borough customers received only one bill for both water services provided by the borough and sewer services provided by the authority. The borough issued the bills and collected the payments.

The authority questioned the accuracy of the borough's billing and filed a lawsuit; the borough disputed the authority's allegations.

As part of the settlement signed Monday, the authority and the borough will share the cost to install a state-of-the-art water meter system in Doylestown. The new meters will be outfitted with radio transmitters so the meters can be monitored electronically, rather than paying a person to come read the meter.

Doylestown expects to pay $550,000 toward its share of the cost of the new system.

The borough will continue to issue sewer bills and collect the payments from borough customers until the new system is up and running.

Once the agreement was signed by both parties, the authority said it would discontinue its lawsuit against the borough.

"Generally, this takes everything off the table," Davis said.

Jo Johnson December 19, 2012 at 02:42 PM
Hey Det, thanks a pad load ! Nice to see more of your wisdom help to raise taxes and upset in the town is unfolding as most of your ideas has caused in your past decions. It almost like somemore of the NY type of tink tank is helping we've been reciving that kind of help over the past years of late. The loading dock is yet another load to put upon us looking forward to that as well. I can recall a time when Doylestown was a nice place to live,not like what its becoming now a over priced kind of NY state of mind just because, every thing is high " This is Doylestown" ! My best to you and blind leading way to help and aide destroying whats little their is left of DT.
Mary Longley Halperin December 19, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Interesting fact: in Doylestown Tnsp, we get to pay for our water twice! First we pay the water company. Then the sewer bill comes, based on the water usage. In the summer when we're trying to save our trees by extra watering (which doesn't go into the sewer), we use a lot more water. Then get shocked by the fall sewer bill!


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