Woman Reports Being Robbed on Doylestown Street

She told police the attacker put her in a choke hold with a "pointed object" against her neck.

A woman told police she was attacked and robbed while walking along West Oakland Avenue near Clinton Street in Doylestown last week.

Doylestown Borough Police are investigating the incident, which allegedly occurred on Thursday, Dec. 6 at about midnight, according to police reports released Thursday.

The victim told police she was walking along West Oakland Avenue when a man ran up from behind her, put his arm around her neck in a choke hold, placed a pointed object against her neck, and demanded that she drop to the ground and empty her purse.

The man allegedly took several items from her purse, then told the woman to remain on the ground, as he fled the area on foot. He headed eastbound on Oakland Avenue, the report said.

A silver watch with a square turquoise face, a 24” sterling silver chain with locket, and about $120 cash were removed from the victim’s belongings, police said.

The victim suffered a scratch to the right side of her neck, according to the police report.

There is no physical description of the male suspect. 

Bill December 14, 2012 at 11:03 AM
Anyone ever see any police presence on Doylestown streets during the daytime? Perhaps it's time. Police budget went to First Fridays and late night drunks, I guess.
Jane December 14, 2012 at 02:08 PM
I'm not sure how police presence during the daytime would have prevented this crime that took place at midnight. But, uhm, okay.
Pam December 14, 2012 at 02:13 PM
yeah I see Doylestown police presence frequently. They hang out around the court house, most of them look like undercover cops wannabes with brand name sneakers and matching hats. Also across the street, near Maxims & Lili's, getting free coffee and talking to the other 'street bum lookalikes' with gold chains and a backwards baseball cap with matching high top sneakers who sometimes has a pizza box, another undercover cop wannabe. Doylestown cops are lazy in my opinion and do not want to walk the streets. I have also seen one cop hanging out onthe steps of the RNC over on the Broad st side of the court house after dark, alone, sitting on the steps, hiding out until shift change maybe? Am I seriously paying this guy's salary with my high taxes? lazy bums! Maybe they should get jobs with the internal courthouse security crowd, na no better really. Last time I was there for a dog license I was told one of my keys was too sharp and pointy looking and they'd break off the end so it wouldn't be dangerous to take into the courthouse. Freakin nuts! So how am I supposed to get into my house after the key gets destroyed? I left and didnt get the stupid $8 dog license. A little bit of power is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.
B. Anthony December 14, 2012 at 02:34 PM
It is unbelievable to see that a degenerate puts an innocent women's life and his own in danger for a few bucks and people focus on the law enforcement officers whose pay is not commensurate with the dangers they face and the sacrifice they make to protect us. Unfotunately, this is a part of our society, a society that is often about the “me” instead of the “us.” The focus should be on the scumbag that committed this crime that contributes to our violent existence. The law abiding faction of our society needs to come together against these horrible crimes and work along side police to make our neighborhoods safe and show that this is not tolerated in the Doylestown area. We should all take a look at our comfort levels and become more vigilant. More precautions need to be made by the everyday citizen to decrease the odds of becoming a victim, such as traveling in pairs or carrying mace or other items of defense. Also, one needs to look at the state of our country and the financial crisis that our “chosen” leaders have placed us in, the leaders that are unwilling to put aside their disagreements to fix. So instead of bashing the police, take a stand to protect your neighborhood and focus on the criminal and the crime, not the police. If you can do better, join the force, it is difficult to battle criminals, but easy to sit at your computer and bash those for what you do not have the balls to do.
Brando Monium December 14, 2012 at 04:36 PM
You cant blame the police. This happened on a back street in town during a late hour. Things happen everywhere. You cant expect a police officer to be on every corner of town 24-7. Maybe walking around alone off the main streets (if youre male or female) at that hour isnt as safe as we'd all like it to be. I hope this idiot tries to rob the wrong person soon though and ends up with more than a police record....PS Im not really sure how much this ties into the fiscal cliff by I hope that gets solved soon too lol


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