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SNAPSHOTS: Searching For Sierra LaMar

Over 500 volunteers helped search for the missing Morgan Hill teen on Tuesday.

Approximately 583 volunteers convened at Burnett Elementary School in Morgan Hill to . LaMar, 15, is suspected of being by someone who’s familiar with the Morgan Hill area and community.

“The community response has been absolutely extraordinary—both with those on the ground and with in-kind donations,” KlaasKids founder Mark Klaas said during a press conference Tuesday. “We had absolutely no idea how we were going to be able to get water and food to all these people that showed up today, but we actually seem to have a surplus now.”

Klaas said large crowds are expected to turnout throughout the resolution of the case—whatever that should mean—and said Sierra's family was thankful for the large number of volunteers who helped out yesterday.

"Sierra’s father, Sierra’s sister have both responded, they’re completely blown away by the response today," Klaas said Tuesday.

Searches will be taking place throughout the week. Information on how to get involved is available .

Liz May 18, 2012 at 07:22 PM
I just want to say the so called searches these people are doing are a waist of time. I feel the whole area of Dougherty needs to be searched from peoples backyard, trailers, empty buildings and green houses. It's a very big area and from what I see the searches that have been done are not getting anywhere.


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