Woodbourne Road Motorcycle Death Ruled Accidental

Brandon Rogers, 20, of Levittown was killed when he lost control of his sport bike on Sunday afternoon in Middletown.

A cause of death for the 20-year-old Levittown man killed when he lost control of his sport bike motorcycle on Woodbourne Road in Middletown on Sunday afternoon has been ruled accidental.

Bucks County Coroner Dr. Joseph Campbell said Brandon Rogers died of “multiple traumatic injuries” sustained when he was thrown off his bike. Police sources say the victim was located several hundred feet away from his bike.

Authorities believe the victim was ejected from the bike after losing control at around 3:15 p.m. by the Knights of Columbus Hall. No other vehicles were involved.

Rescuers rushed the Red Rose Gate resident to nearby Aria Health Bucks County Campus in Falls Township. Campbell said lifesaving efforts were in vain and Rogers was pronounced dead on arrival at the emergency room.

Middletown police close the road for more than an hour while they investigated the accident.

Officials said Rogers, a former Neshaminy High School student, was wearing a helmet when the crash happened.

The coroner said fatal motorcycle accidents are not as common in the winter months as they are in warmer weather when the conditions are more favorable.

The most recent statistics released by the Governors Highway Safety Association show 171 people were killed in bike accidents Pennsylvania in 2011, down 13 percent from 2010.

John January 12, 2013 at 02:49 AM
When she saw us doing burn outs yes plenty of cars lighting there tires burning rubber for our friend Brandon. in no way were we street racing. Hazard on a main road ? We did have our lights on most people should see brake lights knowing to slow down an stop. You mention " maybe his life was a reason why he passed away" . But what exactly happen is unknown I'm sure he was going fast but also in the news they said he swerve a bmw that car could have cut him off an he swerved an lost it if that bmw was never there maybe none of this never happened.. "lilitalty" go ahead move we don't want you here us low life's are a family an love one another. Go live in your fake house wife's of stuck ups tv show you wish you were on an get out of here. Maybe you can hitch a ride on Ja hogan hog. This also isn't English class so ashhhh. Can type how she likes. In all I would love the BMW driver to come forward please.
ashhh January 12, 2013 at 06:53 AM
Thanks John, I appreciate it. These people can complain all they want but its not going to stop what everyone does. So there was no need for them to make a comment about it anyways because i am sure that they dont go around and make random comments on the death article of someone who has passed away due to a motorcycle accident and reckless driving...Because i am sure when they were our age they did these kind of things as well. This is the way the world is now and you can say every action has a reaction that won't turn out so well. and its sad to say Brandon was so young but at least the way he left us on earth was doing something he loved. Brandon was defiantly watching when everyone took off out of wendys that night and we all know he had a smile on his face because this is what he lived for, it was his passion and he loved it and wouldnt let anyone interfere with stupid remarks. Rest easy B-Rog your truly missed. Watch over your family. Esp..Your Dad, Mom Britt and Jessica. They need you the most. Make sure you guide them. Thats what they need. Fly high and shine bright our handsome angel. We'll all see you someday!
dawn January 14, 2013 at 02:54 AM
listen i realize you are young, and wanted a send off for your friend. as we get older we learn lessons in life, 1 unfortunately you are all learning now is that no one is invincible. i drove down woodbourne rd that night twice, the first time was a nice candle ceremony, truly a beautiful thing. on the way back it was horrendous! as a mom who was driving her 2 kids on woodbourne road that night i almost slammed into another car. i had 1 car burning rubber and passed me on the wrong side of the road and i almost crashed my car not knowing what the hell the driver was doing, in front of me was another car burning their tires so badly i couldn't see. there are plenty of parking lots you could have played around in. i am sure that he did not want any of you, or hopefully anyone else to follow in his footsteps to the gates of heaven. there is always a way to compromise, you can have fun and be responsible.
XB12R February 04, 2013 at 05:08 PM
As someone who used to hit the street races hard and often (before they became a gathering of low-common sense, low-responsibility jackoffs), and as someone who themselves HAS a sportbike - the mentality of you "kids" (grow up, you're in your 20s) is absolutely disgusting. I keep seeing this theme of "it's okay, he would have wanted it that way" - or "we're not going to stop" - are you kidding me? Just get "disrespectful moron" tattooed on your face, it'll accomplish things much quicker. I've had FOUR friends die on bikes since I was 18. Not once did any of us act like idiots "in tribute" for our fallen friends. He loved anything with a motor? You don't say? That doesn't mean that you go out and act like morons "for" him. What if you hit someone? Don't think it happens? I've seen PEOPLE RUN OVER by irresponsible fools "just doing burnouts", much like you guys. it doesn't matter WHY you were doing what you were doing - the only thing that matters is that you were WRONG in doing it. If you think that's up for debate, then you need a serious lesson on acting like an adult and growing up. When someone dies from lung cancer, you guys all going to show up and light 'em up "in honor" of your buddy? How about when someone overdoses? Speedballs on the house? Grow up, people. I'm only 30, and the gap between the stuff we did as stupid kids, and the attitude you clowns display is jaw-dropping. And for the responsible few? Keep it on two wheels, guys. Ride safe.
EAT1B4FORCD May 17, 2013 at 02:01 PM
I like the last comment, I'm 28 and your right the dumb shit we used to do compared to the dumb shit these BABIES do is basically uncalled for no excuse, if gas were brains these cabbage patch kids wouldn't have enough to power their buddies bike around a penny!!! You gonna act stupid and act like you put time in on this planet, get more lessons before the last one is the one YOU don't get the chance to learn from. I lost a lot of friends to death and stupid choices,as a father I would have taught my son better. One person on here said no parent should out live their child, if that was my son...... Well I'd rather not say. My condolences to the lost's family. But for those battling with these fake tough guys,(I swear to God I hate these punk ass young boys)I'd love to hang out and maybe give one of these kids a good 'ol fashioned ass wooping!!


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