Father's Day Standoff Shooter to Seek Insanity Defense

Richard Klementovich's lawyer says his client was temporarily insane when he allegedly shot at police officers during a day-long standoff in Doylestown Township on Father's Day.

Richard Klementovich was temporarily insane when he holed up inside his estranged wife's Doylestown Township home and shot out the window, allegedly at responding police officers.

That's what Klementovich's attorney, Jeffrey Simms, will argue. Simms has filed a notice that he will be arguing an insanity defense, according to a story on phillyburbs.com.

Longtime court reporter Laurie Mason Schroeder reports that the filing is rare for a Bucks County case.

For more details, read the full report on phillyburbs.com

Klementovich, a veteran police officer with the Clifton, NJ, force, has been held in the Bucks County Prison since the standoff in the Doylestown Lea neighborhood.

It began on Father's Day, when Klementovich made plans to meet his estranged wife and their children at a restaurant.

Instead, he went to their home on Bittersweet Drive. He barricaded himself inside, and then called the police.

When a Doylestown Township officer responded to the home, he found an envelope in the driveway.

The envelope was addressed to Doylestown PD. It said that the subject in the house had two scoped rifles, 2,000 rounds of ammunition, that he was law enforcement, and that he was ready to die, according to court records.

Dozens of police officers from forces across Bucks County converged on the Doylestown Township neighborhood. Neighbors were evacuated or told to stay in their homes with the curtains drawn.

The shooter and police officers exchanged shots as the tense standoff dragged on throughout the day. Finally, about 10 hours after the first call to police, Klementovich surrendered.

During the investigation, police obtained an email from Klementovich’s estranged wife. In it, Klementovich wrote, "I get angry. Angry at this job and law enforcement. And its them who I will take out my anger on. They will do the job I couldn’t and take my life."


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