Crime Lab is Processing Evidence in Sierra LaMar Case

Supporters distribute Spanish-language fliers to try to get more tips from the community on the missing Morgan Hill teenager.

Evidence collected in the case is being processed by criminalists with the Santa Clara County Crime Lab, which is conducting forensic testing as investigators follow up on more than 1,200 tips that have come in through phone calls and emails, officials said.

A Morgan Hill faith-based event held over the weekend distributed Spanish-language information fliers to the Spanish-speaking community hoping to gain more tips on the missing 15-year-old girl,

Police and supporters such as have continued to expand their search areas looking for clues into the disappearance of the Sobrato High School teen.

More than 7,500 man hours have been logged in the case that is being conducted by federal and local law enforcement agencies, according to Santa Clara County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jose Cardoza.

As a reminder, any and all information on the Sierra LaMar case should be reported to the Sheriff’s Office, Cardoza wrote. Tips can be relayed by calling 408-808-4500, the anonymous tip line at 408-808-4431 or via email at tips@sheriff.sccgov.org.

Anne Ernst April 10, 2012 at 04:11 AM
Oh, please don't misunderstand this article. Police are working steadfastly at processing EVERYTHING and as fast as they can, but they don't want to be hasty either. They have already processed a lot of information and evidence, but because of the status of the case they must be careful in what they release to the public. They are doing everything they possibly can to find Sierra.
alice flickinger April 10, 2012 at 05:13 AM
prayers for her and her family ,,my god ,fnd her ,,bring her back ,,
Anne Ernst April 10, 2012 at 05:54 AM
alice flickinger: i think you summed it all up; it's what we all want and feel.
Kathleen Casey Coakley April 10, 2012 at 07:19 PM
WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG: I am another person, who can't understand why it's taking: "So Long for the evidence" to be processed??? IF it was ANY OF THE CRIME LAB EMPLOYEES daughters being held as, "Sierra LaMar" is being held against her will, this crime lab information would have been completed before Easter Vacation began! Each day is horrible excuse for her kidnapper(s) to be the creepy guys they are! Psychopaths have a mental disorder, the kidnappers wanted to see Sierra naked, purchased her clothes to wear, and folded her clothes to leave them behind as evidence. Why would Sierra take the time to fold her clothes to throw them out the car window or hide them? ONLY If she wanted time to plan an escape. The kidnappers NEED to remember, "Each Day Sierra is gone", it should be another day used against her kidnappers as a different crime. Kidnappers should be given a different sentence for each day! IF the kidnappers are murderers, all their options should be gone! Bring ALL the evidence, to light NOW, so all the public can help find this child! Sierra bring happiness to all by "talking sense into the minds of your kidnapper(s) ONLY OPTION": giving Sierra freedom, safely dropping her off ALIVE anywhere, to beable to walk to safety, and telephone her Family SOON! Sierra can tell the kidnappers, she will say to the police, she was on Spring Break, but that she needs to call home now!! The Public can't wait to celebrate Sierra's SAFE RETURN!
Paul Duffany April 13, 2012 at 11:18 PM
In 1984 I lost my Fiance (Tania Zack) to an abduction and while the Santa Clara County Sheriffs Dept did dispatch a helicopter and did basic police work to solve the case, it is paramount that the grass roots effort to find her continue. We petitioned the Contra Costa Search and Rescue team to come down and they did bring a couple of bloodhounds to assist with the search. We had hundreds of people scouring the Santa Cruz Mountains. We violated "no trespassing" signage, and even did second story work on empty houses, stakeouts at sites and of people that we thought were suspicious. Every day we went out, the Press said they would too, so for me it was not an option to give up. I think that the more press and the more people that get involved have a distinct impression on the kidnapper. I think that it increases the value of that person to the kidnapper and will either drive him/them/her to either release her, or breakdown and confess (which is what happened in Tania's case). I lost the love of my life that year, and while we did not find the killer that year, the gap between what can be done and what is done officially is fairly large. Don't give up and don't think that loss happens for no reason. I began a spiritual transition after Tania that led to the saving of my soul by Jesus Christ. The kidnapper is in jail and my forgiveness of his act, while impossible in the beginning, has freed me from the despair of loss. In Christ, Paul Duffany


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