Bikes Valued at $9,300 Stolen From Front Yard

The owner was trying to sell the bikes but they were stolen, instead.


Two bicycles were stolen from the front lawn of a home on the 700 block of S. Chubb Drive sometime during the overnight hours of Saturday, June 23 into Sunday, June 24.

The victim reported that the bicycles had a “For Sale” sign in front of them with descriptions and prices for each.

The first bicycle is described as a custom-made Elite Razor, 18-20 speed, red with black flames, with a sticker labeled “Scoosie” on it. The bicycle is valued at approximately $5,200.

The second bicycle is described as a titanium Litespeed mountain bike, 12 speed, steel in color, with a sticker labeled “Scoosie” and a photo of a young boy on it. The bicycle is valued at approximately $4,100.

Ordinance Violation

A citation has been filed against Matthew Duncan, 19, Chubb Drive, Doylestown, for allegedly skateboarding on Hamilton Street in the area of State Street on Wednesday, June 20 at approximately 2:56 PM.

Duncan has been warned and cited in the past for violating the skateboard ordinance.

Public Drunkenness

Kyle Hettler, 23, Woodbridge Drive, Doylestown, and Christopher Neary, 22, Forest Glen Drive, Warrington, were cited on Friday, June 22 at approximately 10:16 PM after they allegedly created a disturbance and refused to leave Stephanie’s Bar when requested by staff.

Neary was also cited for disorderly conduct.

Public Drunkenness

Michael Ketterer, 22, Augustine Road, Sellersville, was cited on Saturday, June 23 at approximately 1:59 AM after he was observed sleeping in Kenny’s Lot.

Criminal Mischief

The business sign for FX Dougherty was reported damaged on Monday, June 25.

The sign displayed a significant crack, as if it had been struck.

The damage is estimated at approximately $200.


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