Bearcat Survived Standoff; Police Cars Did Not

Doylestown officials are waiting for insurance decisions on bullet-ridden vehicles and re-certification for an armored vehicle.

Three police vehicles are being evaluated for roadworthiness in the aftermath of Sunday's armed standoff in Doylestown Township.

Richard Klementovich, an off-duty Clifton, N.J., police officer, is being held in the Bucks County Prison and faces dozens of charges in connection with the Father's Day shooting.

Doylestown Borough's police SUV was struck during the 10-hour standoff at 25 Bittersweet Drive. Doylestown Township's police cruiser was riddled with about 50 shots, which blew out windows, punched into seats, and turned the doors into swiss cheese.

Both departments still are waiting for final determination from their insurance companies, but it doesn't look like either car will be back on the road.

The damage to the borough's SUV looks minor from the outside, but the vehicle sustained significant damage, Borough Police Chief Jim Donnelly said Thursday.

"It was shot through the engine block and the computer," Donnelly said of the vehicle that carried two of his officers to scene Sunday, where they were shot upon. "It’s probably going to be totaled."

One of those officers, Cpl. William Doucette, was injured when a bullet struck a street curb and kicked up debris which struck him in the face. Earlier this week, Lt. Pat Penecale said Doucette was recovering well and was expected back at work within a few days.

Doylestown Township's police car took heavy fire and also is expected to be totaled.

On Thursday, Township Police Lt. Matt O'Connor said they were awaiting word from their insurers.

"The insurance company will make the final determination," O'Connor said.

"I imagine it will be totalled," township supervisors' chairman Barbara Lyons said. "I can't imagine that it wouldn't be."

The third police vehicle damaged in the shooting was the Bearcat, an armored vehicle that belongs to the Central Bucks Emergency Response Team, more commonly known as SWAT.

A tire and the camera on the vehicle were shot out on Sunday, but the vehicle likely can be repaired and put back in service, Donnelly said. The Bearcat will be towed up to Massachusetts so its maker can put it through some tests, he said.

"The Bearcat has to go to Massachusetts to get re-certified, so they can say that it’s viable," Donnelly said, adding "That'll probably take about two days."


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