Doylestown Dart Bus Petition

The drivers and riders of the Doylestown Dart continue their push for funding to keep the bus on the road.

The following is a letter from a driver of the Doylestown Dart bus, which faces an uncertain future because of funding cuts. Cicchino said she has collected more than 200 signatures for the petition.

This is a petition from people who depend on the rushbus/Dart bus. We have a variety of people who use the bus services.

We have some people who need to go back and forth to their workplaces, volunteers to be taken to the hospital and picked up, businesses waiting for (customers) to shop at their various stores, caretakers needing to go to work, people needing to go to the YMCA to promote better health due to some who don't have accessibility to use equipment to strengthen their bones.

The bus also helps people to be more independent; they can ride it to the shopping center then catch it on its way back or wait for the next one. Some people moving into the senior centers have to give up their cars thus making them dependent upon the bus service so they don't become "shut ins." Some people who are "shut in" fall into depression and sometimes they question their self-worth.

People who are blind know they can depend on the bus to make sure they get to their destinations and back home safely. Also, transportation to Lenape Valley to get people their medications and psychological services.

The bus service really needs to be funded because it helps keep stability in people's lives and for people to keep their independence and livelihoods intact.


Joyce Cicchino, bus driver


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