Will Hurricane Sandy Ruin Halloween?

Hatboro held a trick-or-treat event over the weekend and Horsham officials said they do not set dates or times for trick or treating.

As Hatboro and Horsham residents continue clearing away tree branches, awaiting the restoration of power and a sense of normalcy following Hurricane Sandy's battering, an annual tradition, for some, is hanging in the balance.

The question for parents is what happens with trick-or-treating in Hatboro and Horsham?

Neither Hatboro nor Horsham designates a day or time for the annual Halloween tradition of trick-or-treating, according Horsham Township and Hatboro officials.

While most people take their kids out on the evening of Oct. 31, it is not a date set by either municipality, officials told Patch. 

Just before noon on Wednesday, Horsham officials shared word that trick-or-treating had been postponed until Nov. 3.

"(Safety) suggestions remain the same: Use a flashlight, watch where you are walking, be careful crossing the street," Walker said. 

In Hatboro, kids got an early taste of trick-or-treating on Oct. 27 - before Hurricane Sandy struck - during the borough's annual Halloween Stroll. Hundreds of costumed characters came out for candy generously given by participating borough merchants. 

Hatboro and Horsham residents were debating on Patch's Facebook page whether trick-or-treating should be rescheduled. What do you think? 


Theresa Katalinas October 31, 2012 at 05:37 PM
Here's the latest from Hatboro: "While the government does not set the date of Halloween, today, October 31st, is the traditional day of the annual celebration. The Borough has received inquiries concerning whether or not there will be trick-or-treating tonight in the borough. In the wake of the recent storm, Hatboro emergency management officials have discussed Halloween and believe that parents should decide whether their children should go out this evening. Borough streets are open, with the current exceptions of Windover Road and Broad Street. Broad Street has a low hanging wire, but this may be corrected by this evening. As in every Halloween, we recommend that parents supervise their children in order to make Halloween a safe and fun activity for all. We always recommend that anyone trick or treating carry a flashlight and wear some type of reflective material on their clothing. Certainly do not cross into areas that are barricaded or marked as potential hazards. If you do come upon a downed wire, stay away! Motorists should drive with necessary caution, particularly in residential neighborhoods where children may be trick or treating. Hatboro Police will have extra officers working this evening and will have treats for the youngsters (while supplies last)! "
Hatboro Mom October 31, 2012 at 05:54 PM
Stay away from Broadway due to 3 poles and wires down! This is so unsafe!!!!!
Kim October 31, 2012 at 07:30 PM
I think its fine to have it as scheduled. If you see a wire, dont touch it. Its not the townships responsibility to decide the safety of your children. If you dont think its safe, dont take them out. But dont take it away from those of us who are fine with supervising our children in getting out of the house for a little fun after three days of being cooped up. I know a ton of people coming to Hatboro to trick or treat from other townships that have rescheduled Halloween. So obviously many people are ok with it.
Liberty 1 November 01, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Let's do away with this poor excuse for a good time all together! All it teaches the kids is that it is ok to beg and expect other people to give them something! Can't wait until Christmas.................................................
Jonathan Nelson November 01, 2012 at 12:13 PM
Jarhead, What time would families be willing to open thier doors on Sat for the little ones? I would imagine it would be before dusk due to the possibility of debris still possing a safety issue. In the end families trying to get thier neighborhood and homes back together to include power is far more important at this time. Neighborhood clean-up.


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