Sandy Leaves Destruction at Pearl Buck House

Volunteers are needed to help tackle more than 40 trees felled on the grounds of Pearl Buck's historic home during Superstorm Sandy.

Mature trees toppled in the wind of Superstorm Sandy, leaving a trail of destruction at one of Bucks County's treasured historical sites.

Hurricane Sandy felled about 40 trees on the grounds of the Pearl S. Buck House. They fell onto a path that visitors walk to visit the gravesite of the noted author. They even damaged Buck's grave stone, said Janet Mintzer, president and CEO of Pearl S. Buck International.

"Hurricane Sandy was not nice up here," Mintzer told Doylestown Patch shortly after the storm. "It looks like a tornado hit our driveway and the Pearl Buck gravesite area."

Now, the agency is looking for help in removing the downed trees and cleaning up the damage left in the wake of the storm. 

Trees fell along the entrance driveway, Mintzer said, and the walking trail used by school groups to visit Buck's gravesite is no longer accessible.

Clean-up days will be held on Nov. 30 and Dec. 7. 

Anyone with chain saws and muscles who can help is asked to contact David Hartzell at dhartzell@pearlsbuck.org or 215-249-0100 ext. 154.

neighbor November 17, 2012 at 04:57 PM
our home too - we have 100 foot trees uprooted - 8 in our children's backyard with 3 foot craters full of water - another 3 behind an out building, another one next to the house and another 2 in the corner of the yard I don't understand why the president Obama won't declare PA a disaster area - our Governor has done this - we just need the president and then we can get help from FEMA
Phil Herman November 19, 2012 at 11:41 PM
I too have nearly 100 trees uprooted on 11 acres in Tinicum. The difference is that I am not asking for volunteers to come help clean up my property, or for the Governor to send FEMA. What is wrong with us? Roll up your sleeves, ask you family and friends to help, and start sawing and burning. That is how our forefathers would have done it.
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