Please Look for Lily

With her thick coat, Lily doesn't enjoy being out in the hot humid days of summer.  Her blue eyes are very sensitive to light and she will stay in the shadows of the woods on bright days.  Do look for her in the evening hours going through the garbage at fast food restaurants or searching for food left for other animals and please take a picture with your cell phone if you see her.  Lily is a gentle, kind dog who is scared and completely lost. Do not chase or call her. That would drive her farther away. She is a 15 year old gray and white, blue merle Australian Shepherd. At 35 pounds and 16 inches at the shoulder she is a smaller Aussie. She has a cute short tail. Lily is desperately missed by her family who are heartsick without her and are worried about her welfare. Please call with any information at any time. 215 514 0404 or 215 620 2700
Kara Seymour June 17, 2014 at 08:14 PM
hello, when did she go missing and from where?
kristin lauersen June 18, 2014 at 07:10 AM
Poor Lily has been missing for quite a while - since winter time at least. I've shared her story and photos on my facebook pages many times. She has been sighted in the past so she must still be out there. Since she has been missing/lost for so long, it will be difficult to capture her. There are specific ways to call a lost dog who has been out in the elements this long - best to carry information and take photos to get to the family... they may need to use a kind trap to bring her in....We are all rooting for Lily.


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